The London Marathon returns to the capital!

A group of runners in the 2010 London MarathonLater this month, Virgin will once again be sponsoring the world renowned London Marathon. This phenomenal marathon is one of the world’s largest fundraising events, with a record number of 37,227 people finishing the marathon in 2012.

The London Marathon is one of the world’s best sporting experiences, not only for athletes and charity enthusiasts, but also for the spectators.

This occasion unites people from all over the world with the simple notion of charity fundraising and support. The fundraisers are represented by the runners and the support is evident in the masses of spectators, not letting anyone give up and cheering until the last runner crosses the finish line.

Each year, the race grows in size, stature and popularity, whilst never losing the intrigue and excitement that encompassed the first race on 29th March 1981. Using the Thames as a handrail of sorts, the marathon starts in Greenwich Park and ends in The Mall, which means the runners pass by many of London’s familiar sights, such as Tower Bridge, the Docks, The Embankment, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

Simply put, this event is a charity marathon – but it is much more than that. This annual event gains popularity each year because people want to do more than just donate money; they want to showcase their support in a number of ways.  Let us not forget that the participants not only run but often do so in fancy dress! This introduces a whole new aspect of fun to one of life’s great challenges. The London Marathon is an interactive and engaging fundraiser, bringing with it an opportunity to unite the community.

A brilliant event, why not treat your family to a great afternoon tea after the run? Whether you’re a participant in the race or simply giving your support, DUKES London provides a tranquil and relaxing place to settle after a hard day on your feet.  Come along for a well-deserved drink in our bar and treat yourself to one of our every-popular martinis!

Image courtesy of Julian Mason

The world’s largest egg hunt is coming to Covent Garden!

A variety of coloured Easter eggs hidden in the grassLondon’s annual (and the world’s biggest!) egg hunt – ‘The Lindt Big Egg Hunt’ – is back due to popular demand and is set to finish its tour in Covent Garden on 22nd March.

The event first launched in 2010 feauring some of the world’s most talented and leading artists coming together to raise awareness and money for the charity Action for Children. The charity runs more than 600 services across the UK, supporting more than 250,000 children, young people, parents and carers each year.

‘The Lindt Big Egg Hunt’ was so popular that last year alone it raised more than £1 million for the chosen charity, as well as captivating a million participants across the country and setting two Guinness World Records! The event is set to be even bigger this year, featuring more than 100 giant fibreglass Easter eggs created by designers such as Sam-Taylor Johnson, Alexis Harding and Billy Childish.

The eggs have been carefully placed in cities across the UK, and here is where you can get involved: the public can join in with the fun in a race to find the eggs whilst receiving goodies such as Lindt Gold Bunnies and Lindor truffles – courtesy of Lindt. With 101 eggs to track down, this is a great way to discover hidden parts of the city and a great opportunity for families, eggthusiasts and art fans to enjoy the hunt during the Easter break.

The fundraising side comes in as participants can get involved with bids on their mobile phones and find out more information about the designer eggs. The online auction starts at prices of £300 and eggs have been sold for as much as an astounding £40,000!

This Easter egg hunt is a really fun and engaging fundraiser, bringing with it an opportunity to get the community together in a fresh and interactive way through the Easter period.

If you cannot get enough of the Easter hunt, here at DUKES London we will be organising our very own Easter bunny hunt around St. James during the Easter weekend!

As well as the egg hunt we promise to bring you great fun for all the family with chocolates and cool costumes for small children. See you all down here for an eggtastic holiday!